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Home of the LifTech   Lifter.

LifTech MixerLifters are used to raise and lower heavy clamp or fix mounted fluid mixers. Typical applications include paints, chemicals, ink, food, pharmaceutical, water & wastewater, and many other fluid mixing applications.


MixerLifters have been serving the fluid handling industry for over 25 years, specializing in the safe and efficient handling of portable mixers and the technology to raise and lower them.


Special designs are 90% of our business, even though we have established standards. We have the technology to partner with you on any custom requirements to fit your needs.

Lifters can be supplied with covers, level controls, instrumentation, etc. Designs as shown above allow a small mixer and lifter to be programmed to function as a complete manufacturing system. Simply add the various constituents, time the mixing to produce the required process results, and move on to the next vessel.

Operated by use of a spring loaded lever valve control system, the operator must use both hands to operate the lifter. If either hand is removed. the lifter quickly stops. Dual proximity switches allow power to the mixer only when the lifter is in the proper down position over the mixing vessel, and the vessel is in contact with the lifter. This design stops the mixer during operation if either condition is violated.

One of our installations required multiple lifters to be located over a conveyor belt system where different chemicals were to be added. The conveyor stopped, chemicals were metered in, mixers lowered, and when the process was completed, the mixers were raised to await the next application.


One mixer may be used for many different applications. In the paint industry, a lifter allows a single mixer with interchangeable shafts to be used on many different color applications, without the possibility of color contamination. Not only during the production stage at a single site, but also during the application stage at various locations throughout the country.

With our manufacturing located in the Atlanta, GA region, shipment is convenient and a nation wide organization of highly trained professional distributors is available to service your needs. Hundreds of our units are now operating satisfactorily in both carbon and stainless construction. Air / Hydraulic and all electric systems are available. The lifters can be anchored to the floor or fitted with casters for portability. 90% of our business is custom lifter designs.

MixerLifters. Raising the bar in the fluid handling industry.